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How to take care of your BORBALA garment?


Thank you so much for supporting us! We hope that you will enjoy your BORBALA garment for a very long time!


Each BORBALA piece is handmade in a small workspace with domestic sewing machines, DIY, and experimental techniques.

Please handle with love and care your BORBALA garment, so you can use it for a long period of time.

We recommend hand washing for most of our pieces, to avoid damaging the more sensible fabrics. You can also find care instructions on the label of your garment.

We also recommend avoiding overwashing, to save water and to prolong the lifecycle of the garment.

If you notice any damages on your BORBALA garment, you can contact us at  and we will try to find solutions.

BORBALA is encouraging a problem-solving perspective towards fashion. We incorporate DIY production methods to celebrate and encourage DIY aesthetics. We believe that fixing garments is adding to its value, and it is also a revolutionary act towards overconsumption and climate change.

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