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Patchwork t-shirt made from upcycled post-consumer knitwear. Each piece is slightly different because our raw material is constantly changing, it's impossible to create two identical ones. PLEASE NOTE there might be differences in the shade and texture between your piece and the one presented in the picture.

If you would like to have your own color selection, select the BORBALA X YOU option. Let's create your top together! We will send you a jpg by e-mail. You can color it on your phone, or in paint or photoshop, up to you. And based on your drawing we will create your top from second-hand knitwear.

Thank you for experimenting with us! Together we can move towards a more sustainable and more inclusive fashion industry!


Patchwork T-shirt

  • 100% upcycled knitwear

    Handmade in Hungary

    Only hand wash