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How about a different kind of crazy 99% SALE. Sales are usually not gifts, someone has to pay the price, the workers, the planet, all of us after all since we all share the consequences of pollution. Also, they can systematically train us to undervalue our clothes!

 So here is my deal. You pay 1% of the price of a chess long-sleeve top, and we offer you a downloadable PDF. We sell you our design and the pattern. The other 99% is on you. You can use your own materials, you can sew it with your own machine, or even by hand. You can ask a friend to help out or pay someone else to sew it for you. You select the colors, you decide all the technical details. It can be a lot of work, but I would like to invite you on this journey of creating your own unique garment. 


size S/M (if it's made from elastic fabrics)

chess longsleeve top PATTERN

119,00€ Regular Price
1,19€Sale Price
  • PDF

    Printable on A4 

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